Universal Micro Tribometer (UMT)

Das UMT - Vielseitig und wandlungsfähig

The Universal Micro Tribometer (UMT) from Bruker (formerly CETR) can be adapted to almost any tribological test task by a variety of available measurement modules. In addition to simple model tests, component tests with complex stress types are possible. Encoder-controlled measuring axes guarantee maximum precision. Different force sensors enable highly accurate measurements over several orders of magnitude.

The institute has three devices (UMT2, UMT3 and Tribolab) as well as numerous motion modules with which purely rotational as well as oscillating linear motions are possible.

In addition, the instrument can also be used to carry out various types of scratch tests on coatings (in accordance with DIN EN 1071-3).

With our high-temperature unit, tests at temperatures of up to 950°C are also possible.