History of the Competence Center Tribology Mannheim

From the vision to the center

The Mannheim Tribology Competence Center was founded as Institute for Tribology in 1993 as part of the extensive “University of Applied Sciences 2000” expansion program adopted by the state of Baden-Württemberg for the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences.

“Institute for Tribology”
at the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences since 1993

“Tribo test hall”
for endurance test benches built 2009

The foundation was also financially supported by numerous companies. In addition to lubricant and additive manufacturers, this group also included numerous large mechanical engineering companies. These had recognized that the subject of tribology is often neglected in engineering studies. Thus, on the one hand, there is a lack of qualified employees, but on the other hand, there is also a lack of basic understanding of the subject matter, which makes it difficult for companies to make contact.

Thanks to the support of numerous companies as well as the Rhine-Neckar Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), this ambitious project could be put into practice within a very short time. The donations served as seed money for the establishment of an endowed professorship (Prof. Dr. Feinle) and for the purchase of initial testing equipment.

At the university, the newly created institute was assigned to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. To ensure cooperation with regional industry, the center has been supported and advised since its founding by a scientific advisory board consisting of representatives from Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, and nearly all the major chemical and mechanical engineering companies in the Rhine-Neckar economic region.

Since 2021, the Mannheim Tribology Competence Center (KTM) has been led by a management committee that includes, in addition to long-standing employees, the Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Head of the Institute for Material Sciences and Engineering (IMaSE) Prof. Dr. Torsten Markus and the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board Dr. Rolf Reinicke (KS Gleitlager). The scientific director and chairman of the management board is Dr. Markus Grebe,  who now has more than 27 years of experience in tribology.