Research and development

We conduct application-oriented research and development

In addition to the training of students, the institute carries out intensive application-oriented research and development. This is why the Tribology Competence Center at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences has been one of the most research-active institutes in the country for many years.

Successful research

Our highly qualified employees are an essential building block for the success of our demanding research. We are also one of the world’s best-equipped institutes in the field of tribological model and component testing.





The Tribology Competence Center is a member of the international research network “InTribology”. Under the joint name “InTribology”, more than 80 national and international corporate and more than 25 scientific partners are working on various topics.

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The Tribology Competence Center at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences is an important partner in this network, as it is equipped with more than 50 different state-of-the-art tribological special test rigs, some of which are only available at a few institutes worldwide, and which can be used to model a wide variety of practical stress collectives. In addition, it has all the important equipment and apparatus for determining the physical and chemical characteristics of lubricants, determining material and surface properties and examining wear phenomena with high precision.

Cooperation Bratislava

Since 2009, there has been a cooperation between the Tribology Competence Center and the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology of the Bratislava University of Technology( Within the framework of this cooperation, it is possible, for example, to work on a scientific topic at the Tribology Competence Center in Mannheim and to register this work as a doctorate at the TU Bratislava. We also organize joint conferences on various tribological topics (2010: rolling bearing damage; 2012: gearboxes, see Events). Joint research projects are also planned for the future.