Tribology in teaching and study


“Tribology ” (Greek: ~ “friction theory”)


For more than 500 years, the exciting topic of “tribology” (Greek: ~ friction theory) has moved and excited researchers and engineers. At that time, Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519) provided the first thoughts and resulting attempts at scientific understanding.

However, tribology has only existed as an independent science for just over 56 years. British engineer Peter Jost published a report in 1966 that highlighted the cost of friction, wear and corrosion to the UK economy (1.1-1.4% of GDP). In this report of the same name, he first coined the now widely used term Tribology.


Excerpt from the lecture notes:

  • Importance of tribology for the national economy
  • Tribological stress
  • System analysis
  • Operations in the contact area
  • Friction
  • Wear
  • Friction and wear testing
  • Lubrication basics
  • Viscosity and flow behavior
  • Lubricants


Since the changeover to Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in 2006, the subject “Tribology” has been a compulsory subject in the Bachelor’s degree program. This means that every mechanical engineering graduate of HS Mannheim has tribology knowledge, which is unique in Germany!

Master program “Tribological Systems and Lubrication”

In the Master’s program, the subject “Tribological Systems and Lubrication” can then be selected, building on the basic lecture. One focus of the lecture is on the development of practical laboratory tests, starting with the system analysis of the problem, through the planning of the tests and cost estimation, to the interpretation of the results.

In addition, it is important to deepen the basic tribological knowledge as well as to deal with special areas such as:

  • Tribology of polymers
  • Use of ceramics for tribological applications
  • PVD and CVD coatings
  • Modern methods of surface analysis
  • Additive Chemistry
  • Tribometry
If you are interested in a career in tribology and want to get an overview of current job openings in this field, you can try, for example, using the search term “tribology”. Usually there are at least 10 interesting (and mostly well-paid) offers to be found there.