Joint material testing with our neighboring institute for molecular and cell biology

Material tests on hydrogels in cooperation with the Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology at the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences

Here, Sarah Hörner from the neighboring Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences and our tribologist, Michael Ruland, work together on one of our universal microtribometers.

The specific objective of these tensile tests is initially to determine material parameters, such as the modulus of elasticity and the yield strength of the hydrogel.

Highest concentration during assembly of the fragile hydrogel test specimen
The installed sample in anticipation of its approaching destruction
The test tank is sealed as watertight as possible....

A special adaptation made for this purpose enables the material test to be carried out in the required ambient medium, a special NaCl solution.

With the aid of the precise 5 mN sensor, the required measurement data is determined and then evaluated.

... and filled with the necessary ambient medium