Bruker White Light Interferometer (Contour GT K0)

The Bruker white light interferometer is used for non-contact measurement of the topography of workpieces with high spatial depth resolution. In contrast to ‘normal’ interferometers, which work with light of long coherence length (e.g. laser), surfaces with steps or even rough surfaces can be measured.

The system uses white-light interferometry to measure surface topography from nanometer-scale roughness to millimeter-scale roughness and with sub-nanometer resolution. On smooth surfaces, (longitudinal) measurement accuracies in the range of a few nm can be achieved. Using optical coherence tomography, it is possible to record information from deeper, scattering or reflecting layers, providing a 3D view of the material surface.
The device is additionally equipped with an automatically movable table. By means of “stitching”, it can be used to stitch together a larger overview image from several recording areas
Device parameters
Magnification 2.5 x to 20 x
Max. Resolution XY 1.9 µm
Resolution Z Approx. 3 nm
Travel XY 150 mm
Travel Z 100 mm
Scan area Z 0.1 nm to 10 mm
Working distance 6.7 mm/ 4.7 mm
Max. Scanning speed 28.1 µm/sec.
Max. Sample weight 4,5 kg
3D roughness parameters according to DIN EN ISO 25178 using Vision64 analysis software

Example measurement