HighSpeed Lifetime False Brinelling Test Bench (HSLT)

The novel high-speed False Brinelling test rig allows the conditions in modern electrified powertrains (e-mobility) to be simulated in a practical manner.

The two axially clamped test bearings can be subjected to both an oscillating vibration load (+/- 0.1° to +/- 3°) and high speeds (up to 24,000 rpm). This makes it possible to investigate the damaging effect of micromovements and vibrations on the service life of rolling bearings. The swivel angle and speed can be changed as required by computer control during operation, so that practical load spectra can be simulated. High-precision measurement technology enables the documentation of all important test parameters. In order to investigate the influence of temperature on damage, the structure can be tempered over a wide range.

User interface
Cross section


Oscillation frequency

1 to 50 Hz

Oscillation angle

+/- 0.1° to +/3° (default ± 0.5°)


100 to 24,000 1/min.

Load (axial)

100 to 20.000 N


20°C to 80°C

Measured variables

Axial force, friction torque, 6 temperatures,
Vibrations, noise

Test bearing

Angular contact ball bearing 7206

  • Influence of liquid or pasty lubricants on oscillating rolling wear and rolling bearing life as a function of the load spectrum
  • Life tests on rolling bearings at high speed