Universal rolling test rig (“MopeD”)

The MopeD is primarily used to record the frictional forces at different slip settings with variable electromechanical angle adjustment, as a model for investigating the transverse slip of worm gears. 

* By the way, MopeD means “model test bench first design draft”.

The disc-shaped upper specimen, which can be spherical or cylindrical, also rotates on the rotating disc-shaped lower specimen. This means that any ratio between gliding and rolling can be set. In addition, the axis of the upper specimen can be pivoted by up to 90°, so that the effective direction of the tangential force can vary from 0 to 90° (radial).

The position of the upper specimen on the base disc can be adjusted manually. During the run, the torques of the bottom and top specimen are measured separately.

The test rig thus enables a wide variety of rolling element kinematics to be investigated in the laboratory under practical conditions.


Normal force

0 – 500 N

Contact pressure

0 to 1,240 N/mm² (crowned washer)


𝑣_𝑈𝑉𝑃=7 𝑚/𝑠 on the vertical sample.
𝑣_𝑈𝐻𝑃=19 𝑚/𝑠 on the horizontal sample.

Swivel angle

0° to 180


Oil and grease lubrication optional


RT up to 80°C

Measured variables

Wear, normal force, friction forces; camera system for optical observation during the run

Test items

Standard configuration roller (D 45 mm) on disc (D 140 mm)
optional: original cam rollers can be used