Committee work and associations

Employees of the Tribology Competence Center are active in numerous associations, committees and standardization working groups in order to transfer knowledge from research to industry. 

By participating in the creation of norms and standards, the content of standards can be actively shaped and influenced. Those involved in standardization are integrated into a broad network of science, research and industry. 


  • Member of the scientific-technical advisory board of the Society for Tribology (Dr. Grebe)
  • Member of the GfT working group “Education and Teaching” (Dr. Grebe)
  • Working group leader of the GfT-AK “Rhein-Neckar” (Dr. Grebe)
  • Chairman of the Working Group “Reliability of Tribological Systems” in the German Association for Materials Research and Testing (DVM) (Dr. Grebe)

Committees and working groups

  • Member of the FAM Technical Committee on Petroleum and Fuel Standardization in NA 062 Standards Committee for Materials Testing (NMP) of DIN ( Dr. Grebe); in detail in FAM NA 062-06-52 (Lubricating Greases) and FAM NA 062-06–53 (Electrical Properties of Lubricants)
  • Member of NA-118-01 (rolling bearings) and NA-118-02 (plain bearings) ( Dr. Grebe)
  • Member of DIN-NAK 51834 ( Tribological testing in the translational oscillation tester – SRV) (Dr. Rigo and Dr. Grebe)
  • Member DIN-NAK 51350 (Testing in the four-ball apparatus – VKA) (Dr. Rigo and Dr. Grebe)
  • Member of CEC SG-T-07 (FZG Load Carrying Capacity) (Dr. Rigo).
  • DIN ISO 3990-16 (FZG) (Dr. Rigo)
  • Member DIN-NAK 51810 (Rheological properties of lubricating greases) (Dr. Grebe)
  • Member DIN-NAK 51830 (Oxidation stability of greases) (Dr. Grebe and Mr. Ruland)

Program committees and advisory boards

  • International Conference Tribology at the Technical Academy Esslingen (TAE) (Dr. Grebe)
  • NextLub-Conferrnce of GfT, Uniti and FVA (Dr. Grebe)
  • Research Advisory Board of the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences (Dr. Grebe)
  • Faculty Council of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Mr. Heil, Dr. Grebe)