Dr. Grebe New Chairman of the DVM Working Group “Reliability of Tribological Systems

With immediate effect, Dr. Markus Grebe has been appointed as the new chairman for the “Reliability of Tribological Systems” working group of the German Association for Materials Research and Testing (DVM), based in Berlin. Mr. Grebe had been proposed by the members of the working group with a large majority. His election has now been unanimously confirmed at the DVM board meeting.

The aim of the association, which was founded back in 1896, is to promote the transfer of knowledge in the broad field of materials research and testing, and here specifically in the areas of structural integrity, materials science, and materials and component testing. Experts from industry and research institutes currently meet in twelve multidisciplinary networked working groups and various event formats to discuss the latest research results across sectors and define future research goals.

For components, assemblies and systems in mechanical engineering, a high level of safety and reliability as well as their longevity are required in order to create sustainable product solutions. In addition to fatigue strength, tribology is of particular importance here, especially in vehicle construction. Due to the large number of influencing variables and relevant interactions, the safe design and reliable operation of tribological systems require a comprehensive understanding of the system. Ideally, this ranges from tribo contact at the micro level to component behavior at the overall system level.

Dr. Grebe is a recognized expert within the tribology community and, with his many years of experience in industrial research, is ideally qualified for this new task.

Further information at https://dvm-berlin.de/arbeitskreise/zuverlaessigkeit-tribologischer-systeme